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Gladcloud and Canto Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Digital Asset Management and Social Media Marketing

[Atlanta & Dublin, June 2024] – Canto, a leader in digital asset management (DAM) software, and Gladcloud, a leading provider of collaborative social media marketing solutions, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing their collective software capabilities. This collaboration promises to deliver innovative solutions to brands, integrating a comprehensive suite of digital asset management tools with advanced social media marketing capabilities. The partnership between Gladcloud’s social media marketing platform and Canto’s digital asset management will enable brands to seamlessly manage and distribute their digital assets while maximizing their social media marketing efforts. This collaboration aims to streamline the process of transforming creative assets into effective marketing campaigns, ultimately driving greater brand engagement and customer loyalty.

Keith Curley, Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Commercial Officer at Gladcloud, stated:

Gladcloud is excited to be working as a strategic partner of Canto to offer our clients access to Canto’s suite of digital asset management tools. This partnership will enable Canto to offer their clients the powerful capabilities of the Gladcloud platform, allowing brands to activate campaigns from their retail partners’ social media pages at scale (B2B2C). This approach ensures the most efficient and cost-effective activation of paid and organic campaigns, transforming retail partners into brand advocates.

Matt Irving, Head of Channel at Canto, commented:

This partnership signifies a noteworthy step forward in empowering brands with complementary solutions for the full life cycle of content distribution. From high-quality DAM tools to high-performance social media advertising programs, our collaboration with Gladcloud will provide unparalleled value to our clients, enhancing their ability to manage and distribute content effectively.

About Canto

Canto is a leader in digital asset management (DAM) software, with customers that include many of today’s top brands. This simple yet intuitive solution gives organizations a visual way to centralize, organize, and share all their digital brand assets, empowering them to save valuable time and gain a competitive edge. Canto’s DAM solution has wide applicability to a variety of industry verticals, including retail, manufacturing, education, transportation, hospitality, nonprofit, healthcare, food and beverage, technology and more. Canto’s corporate headquarters is in Atlanta, with offices in Berlin, Germany and Dublin, Ireland. For more information, visit www.canto.com.

About Gladcloud

Gladcloud offers a Collaborative Social Media Marketing platform designed to connect brand budgets and creative assets with the social media pages of their retailer partners. The platform is specifically tailored for brands that sell products or services through large networks of independently owned retail partner locations. Gladcloud’s diverse client base spans multiple sectors, including alcoholic beverages, food delivery, FMCG, and travel retail. For more information about Gladcloud, visit www.gladcloud.io. For more information about Canto, visit www.canto.com.

Media Contacts:

Mike Lacey mlacey@canto.com

Keith Curley keithc@gladcloud.io