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Retail Partner Portal

For Groups, Chains, and individual locations to easily connect their Social Media profiles and access customised Paid and Organic assets for the brands that they sell

Easy Onboarding

Self-Serve onboarding for individual locations and White Glove onboarding service for large chains and groups

Sponsored Advertising

Campaigns published hyper-locally from Retail Partners’ pages

Brand Posts

Brands can enable Retail Partners with a library of organic content

Social Media Management

Review and respond to consumer comments and engagements

Reputation Management

Review and respond to consumer reviews


Access an overview of performance for both Paid and Organic campaigns

Easy Onboarding for Retail Partners

Gladcloud makes the process a simple as possible for onboarding different types of retail partners, whether individual locations or large chains:

Individual locations and small groups can easily self-serve onboard by connecting their social media page(s) via an easy-use-wizard, which takes just a couple of minutes.

Larger groups and chains are assisted with onboarding by the ‘White Glove’ onboarding team to accommodate the multiple ways that larger groups and chains can be set up on Meta.

Sponsored Advertising

Campaign Objectives

Campaigns published hyper-locally from Retail Partners’ pages present significant opportunities to drive local awareness and conversions with Calls-To-Action that direct local consumers to a destination relating to specific Retail Partner locations.

Examples include: Shop Now, See Menu, Book Now, Order Now, Get Offer, Get Directions etc.

Customised Assets

Creative Automation to programmatically generate an unlimited number of versions of a campaign creative that are customised for each Retail Partner location.

This relevancy typically amplifies consumer engagement with Higher CTRs and Approx. 25% longer VTRs

Spend Allocation

Brands can allocate Customer Marketing spend to specific segments of Retail Partners for the same campaign.

Most brands would allocate Customer Marketing based on the commercial performance of Retail Partner location EG Gold, Silver, Bronze.


On-Behalf-of publishing for Single locations & Small Groups:

Retail Partners can opt-in to the On-Behalf-of publishing feature which enables advertising campaigns to be published automatically from their own pages for the brands they select.

Central publishing for large Groups and Chains:

Retail Partners with many locations can review and publish uniquely customised advertising campaigns for each of their locations in one click.

Support for multiple configurations for Group Pages on Meta, including Store locations with Child pages, Multiple locations with a single shared page or separate pages for each location.


Retail Partners can access results to see the performance of Live and completed campaigns.

Brand Posts

Asset Library

Brands can enable Retail Partners with a library of organic content by brand based on specific campaign activations and evergreen assets in a Ready-To Publish format, where the reach among the followers can be measured.


Brands can enable Retail Partners to customise the Post copy with their own messaging, but to ensure consistency with brand guidelines, the brand can lock elements of the Post copy, such as campaign slogans and hashtags.

Social Media Management

Review and respond to consumer comments and engagements on All Social Media Posts in one simple feed, and easily manage engagements with consumers who mention the retail partner’s page in their Posts.

Create Posts either using the library of organic content that is categorised by brand and occasion or from content that is uploaded by the Retail Partner.

Reputation Management

Review and respond to consumer reviews on Facebook and Google

AI-based analysis of reviews for the most frequently mentioned topics and the sentiment of these topics to present actionable insights to the Retail Partner.


Individual Retail Partner locations can access an overview of performance for both Paid and Organic campaigns that are Live and completed campaigns.

Retail Partners that are large Groups or Chains can review and compare the results of campaigns by brand.

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