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Broadcast Media

Sports broadcasters can drive incremental footfall for their business subscribers by activating fixture-based campaigns across the social media pages of these Business subscribers (EG. Pubs) in a more efficient and cost-effective way, as well as Movie distributors with Cinema Chains.

Easy Onboarding of Retailers

Gladcloud makes the process a simple as possible for onboarding different types of Business Subscribers, whether individual locations or large chains:

Individual locations and small groups can easily self-serve onboard by connecting their social media page(s) via an easy-use-wizard, which takes just a couple of minutes.

Larger groups and chains are assisted with onboarding by the ‘White Glove’ onboarding team to accommodate the multiple ways that larger groups and chains can be set up on Meta.

Solutions Overview

Collaborative Social Media Advertising with Retailers

With a focus on generating National reach, broadcast media brands often have no option but to run National Social Media Advertising campaigns from the their pages. Now they are empowered with an infrastructure to achieve more cost-effective reach for National Social Media Advertising campaigns that can be activated hyper-locally.

The Gladcloud platform enables brands to leverage the Social Media pages of their Business Subscribers to showcase fixtures to a local customer base at scale.

Cumulative Earned Reach

Brand imagery is often shared with Business Subscribers in an unstructured manner via email or messaging apps and is requested to be shared to the followers of Business Subscribers’ Social Media pages, but there is no way to measure the organic reach that is earned from many Business Subscribers publishing these branded images.

Additionally, there is a risk that brand guidelines are not adhered to, as Business Subscribers can add their own message, with no visibility at scale for the brand.

Now, with Gladcloud, Broadcast Media brands can provide access to a library organic Posts by brand in a Ready-To-Publish formats, so they can easily be shared by Business Subscribers to their page followers, with the ability for the brand to measure the cumulative earned reach.

Insight for key stakeholders

Now the key stakeholders in Broadcast Media brands can access a rich data set for their Social Media Marketing collaborations with Business Subscribers at scale, with access to the results of Paid and Organic activity across the pages of selected Business Subscribers, including analysis of engagement and sentiment of comments on Business Subscribers’ Social Media activities for the brand.

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