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<h2 class=White Label Merchant Dashboard for Individual Location


For independent local businesses, optimizing engagement with consumers across their Social Media and Online Review platforms can be a low priority due to the time it takes to manage multiple platforms. In addition, they are often daunted by the cost and complexities of advertising on Social Media.

How we solve it

Gladcloud provides a dashboard that integrates with software already provided to the local business by a brand (EG B2B eCommerce, Order Management platform), so that the brand’s local business partners can more effectively manage Social Media and Online Reviews using only one tool, and improve their engagement with consumer by being made aware of key trends and sentiments based on a consolidated analysis of all their consumer engagement platforms.

The local business is further empowered with customised co-branded Social Media Content and Sponsored Advertising that they can publish from their own accounts/handles.

Benefits for the individual Location

This saves time for the independent business, and helps them to generate additional revenue by more effectively managing engagements with customers and increasing local footfall through Sponsored Advertising that is unique to their business.

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