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Sectors Overview

A Trade Marketing infrastructure for Brands that sell
Products or Services through many independent trade customers


working with independent merchants

  • Alcoholic Beverage brands – independent Bars and Restaurants
  • Professional Cosmetic brands – independent Salons
  • Professional Coffee Brands – independent Restaurants and Cafés
  • High End Pet Food brands – independent Pet Shops, Vets and Garden Centres
  • Jewellery brands – independent Jewellers
  • Fashion brands – independent Boutiques
  • Bicycle brands – independent Bicycle shops
  • Music Instrument brands – independent Music Instrument Shops
  • Camera brands – independent Photography Shops
  • Golf brands – independent Golf Shops
  • Tyre / Oil brands – independent Garages
  • Vape brands – independent Vape shops
  • DIY brands – independent Hardware stores


working with independent merchants

  • Table Booking services – independent Restaurants
  • Food Delivery services – independent Restaurants
  • Last Mile Delivery services – independent Merchants
  • Wellness Booking services – independent Salons
  • Fashion marketplace – independent Boutiques
  • Florist Ordering services – independent Florists
  • Daily Deals sites – independent Hospitality and Wellness Merchants


working with independent franchisees

  • Automotive brands
  • Fast Food
  • Gyms
  • Pharmacies
  • Health Food


working with independent franchisees

Convenience retail chains selling Brands from multiple suppliers through a network of franchised convenience retail locations


working with independent merchants

Wholesalers selling Brands from multiple suppliers through a large network of independent local Hotels, Restaurant’s, Cafe’s and Convenience retail chains

Platform Benchmarks

Platform Benchmarks

Trusted By...

June 30, 2021 in News

Diageo Launches Free Social Media Marketing Tool to Support Pubs and Bars, developed by GladCloud

GladCloud has deployed its proprietary Collaborative Social Media Marketing Platform across multiple markets in partnership with Diageo. “We are delighted to be working with Diageo to support their On-Trade customers…
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“We are harnessing years of marketing expertise from our global brands and packaging it up, so pubs and bars can build their social media offering and drive footfall into venues.”

Jimmy Klein, Global Digital Innovation Manager at Diageo.