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The Paid Social Teams in On-Demand Marketplaces, such as Food Delivery, Table Booking or Wellness Services are trying to empower merchant partners to become digital advocates for their service, by providing brand content in an unstructured manner.

Account Management and Sales teams don’t have a way of understanding consumer engagement for their brands across the digital channels of the portfolio of independently-owned merchants that they work with.

How we solve it

Gladcloud provides a platform with components for each of the relevant stakeholders:

An integrated dashboard for merchants, to better manage all of their Social Media and Online Reviews in one place, and to receive customised Social Media Content and Sponsored Advertising from their brand partner!

Campaign Management tools for Marketing departments and Agencies to set up customised Social Media Content and Sponsored Advertising

A Console for Account Management teams to view macro consumer engagement data on a National or Regional basis for the portfolio of affiliated merchants that they manage

Benefits for stakeholders

On-Demand Marketplaces can then to transform their local merchant partners into digital brand advocates