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Another new solution for the digital solution provider that further expands its portfolio with the Advocacy Marketing platform to help brands activate, manage and monitor all the social selling activities of local affiliated merchants

Milan, 20th June 2021 – The growth of solutions for the simplification of e-commerce management continues by Intergic, a digital solution provider that offers innovative technological solutions for e-commerce and digital marketing, which today welcomes Gladcloud to its portfolio, Advocacy Marketing Platform headquartered in Dublin (Ireland) that helps brands activate, manage and monitor all social selling activities to increase local sales.

Social media advertising by independent merchants who aim to intercept a local target has better performance and lower costs than campaigns carried out at national level by the profiles of big brands. Thanks to Gladcloud, brands operating in any sector can activate digital marketing campaigns through the network of independent commercial partners in a structured way. Gladcloud is in fact a marketing advocacy platform that aims to increase footfall to the stores of local retailers of a particular brand, while increasing orders and reservations through co-branded posts and sponsored adv on social media. The platform allows brands that sell products and services through large retail networks and independent groups to leverage an infrastructure capable of transforming these affiliates into digital brand ambassadors on a scale through B2B customer marketing activities.

 Gladcloud features:

  • Brand Advocate Advertising: The platform allows you to involve business partners in brand adv campaigns. Internal teams or external agencies can set up social media advertising campaigns for independent business partners, with the ability to allocate budgets based on specific segments and each store’s commercial performance.
  •  Social Media & Reputation Management: The integrated dashboard allows merchant partners to access social media and reputation management tools. By connecting all social platforms, it is possible to view activities in a single feed, create cross-platform posts and send replies to users. As for reputation, artificial intelligence analyzes the sentiment of reviews, allowing the merchant to find negative reviews more easily.
  • AI & Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) analyze customer reactions on social media pages and review sentiment, allowing the merchant to more easily find negative comments and act accordingly.
  • Digital Offer Redemption: Through partnerships and proprietary technology, Gladcloud enables brands to run digital offer redemption campaigns at local merchants.
  • Insight & Analytics: Brands have access to constantly updated quantitative and qualitative data relating to the results of the Paid activity on the social channels of the pages of the selected merchants.


“Our relentless search for new solutions to allow the ecommerce ecosystem to evolve and become more and more a sales partner for traditional commerce, brought us to meet Gladcloud, an amazing Advocacy Marketing platform that we are pleased to present. on the Italian market ”, says Marco Albonetti – COO of Intergic. “Thanks to this new player brand, all sectors will have the possibility to monitor and activate all the adv campaigns on the social channels of the retailers of their products and services. In addition, through the ultralight integration that does not require coding for all the main feeds, companies will be able to keep track of all campaigns from a single fully customizable dashboard in a simple and fluid way “.

About  Intergic

Intergic has been accompanying companies for over 10 years in the process of selecting and adopting tools for the innovation of their business, continuing to expand its portfolio with technologies designed to make the Italian digital scenario internationally competitive. Founded in Merano and with business unit in Milan, thanks to its team of professionals, Intergic over the years has also established itself in the world of fintech, IoT, supply chain, geolocation and industry 4.0. The Intergic portfolio includes: Bluecode, CleverReach®, CRO_BRAIN, e-bot7, FACT-Finder, Gladcloud, InPost, MySizeID, Kameleoon, Klarna, prudsys, Super Disty.