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FMCG Brands

FMCG brands can activate digital customer marketing campaigns across their portfolio of independent Retail Partners in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Digital Customer Marketing Infrastructure

FMCG brands have been running local activations with Retail Partners via Social Media in an unstructured way.

Now, they can utilise a platform with specific solutions for each of the relevant stakeholders involved in running Digital Customer Marketing campaigns at scale across their Retail Partners’ Social Media pages - Retail Partners & Groups, Brand or Shopper Teams, Customer Marketing or Activation Teams, Account Mgmt. Teams, Paid Social Teams and Creative Teams

Solutions Overview

Collaborative Brand Advertising

With a focus on generating National reach, FMCG brands often have no option but to run National Social Media Advertising campaigns from the brand’s pages.

Now they are empowered with an infrastructure to achieve more cost-effective reach for National Social Media Advertising campaigns that can be activated locally from the Social Media pages of the Retail Partners and Groups that are selling their products or services.

Cumulative Earned Reach

Branded imagery is often shared with Merchant partners in an unstructured manner via email or messaging apps and is requested to be shared to the followers of Retail Partners’ Social Media pages, but there is no way to measure the organic reach that is earned from many Retail Partners publishing these branded images.

Now Co-branded organic Posts can be delivered to Retail Partners in a structured way at scale, so they can easily share to their page followers, with the ability to measure the cumulative earned reach and content being customized to each Retail Partner location.

Analysis of Activity

Now FMCG brands can access a rich set of quantitative and qualitative data relating to the results of Paid and Organic Social Media activity across the pages of selected Retail Partners, including sentiment analysis of comments on Co-branded Posts and Advertising, and the sentiment of mentions for competitor brands on Retail Partners’ Social Media pages.

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